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Becca Rodondo

A saucy actress lands the starring role for the new R-rated web series, "Secret Girl". On the last day of filming, a few glasses of celebratory wine and discarded inhibitions turn the action from titillating voyeurism to hardcore erotica.

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In years past, torrid media was reserved for our sister site, Whiskey Creek Torrid. With the sale of Whiskey Creek Torrid to Start Media, New York, and the sale of Charles River Press to Mind World Entertainment, Charles River Press has re-opened the submission doors to adult-oriented content. We welcome new and established authors to submit their erotica. To have your manuscript considered for publication, send a sample chapter and related info to

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Becca Rodondo

After traveling to France to marry a French woman, Rudolph’s brother returns to the New Jersey shore for an American style celebration. To Rudolph’s lusty surprise, his brother’s new wife has a luscious teenage daughter who has joined them on the trip to America. And, as Rudolph soon finds out, French girls are very, very, frisky.

Volume 2 of the "My New" series.

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Becca Rodondo

A young, American couple travel to central Africa for a 7-day Safari Package Tour, including a rustic bungulow on a lake, evening fire dances, an Elephant for a tour bus and an experienced guide to lead them.

What wasn't included in the brochure was their guide's sexual scheme to engage the couple in a foursome with him and his teenage daughter. A bit of the local witch-doctor's potient poured into the couple's drinks, and nature takes its course.

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Becca Rodondo

Rudolph is a producer with a hit internet-series, "Secret Girl in Space", which has garnered 12 milllion views and spurred a cult following.

As a result, Rudolph and his co-stars, Tish and Fantina, are invited to speak at the New York SciFi/Comic book convention.

Flattered, humbled, and horny, they give their remarks, sign autographs and visit with admirers. Things turn heated when a trio of infatuated fan-girls express their interest in joining Tish and Rudolph for an impromptu audition at Rudolph's New Jersey Studio.

Volume 3 of the "My New" series.

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Becca Rodondo

It happens to everyone, job burnout. Rudy’s R-rated streaming series is a big hit but has left him with no life and a business he is too tired to run. Time to hire a secretary, someone older, wiser, with years of experience.

After receiving a phone call from a childhood gal-pal not seen in years, Rudy reluctantly schedules an interview. Rudy is transfixed when he discovers the Tomboy has morphed into a gorgeous vixen recently graduated with a business degree, and like the incident behind the shed from years ago, she has come to lend Rude a naughty, helping hand.

Volume 4 of the "My New" series.

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Becca Rodondo




Volume 5 of the "My New" series.